A SharePoint "Etch"?

By Russ Edelmann posted 09-10-2010 14:12


There are two types of people who are involved in SharePoint…1) OKS (pronounced “Ox”) - Only Know SharePoint and 2) ETSSH (pronounced “etch”) ECM to SharePoint Switch Hitter.  Ok…I just made that up; however, I think it speaks broadly to the composition of people living and breathing in the SharePoint Eco-System.  I’m definitely an ETSSH guy and believe that after partaking in over 400 ECM and SharePoint projects, the ECM experiences that I have battled through now have a profound impact on our success with SharePoint.  In 1987, I got sucked into a document management system for a law firm.  From then to now, I’ve lived and breathed this “enchanting” world of ECM for organizations of all types and sizes.  In late 2005, I got my first glimpse of SharePoint 2007 and realized that it was a major game changer.  I rolled the dice and said this is the ship that our company needs to ride on and we redirected all of our efforts towards SharePoint.  It was the best move we made and I look forward to immersing myself further into SharePoint 2010 and beyond.  As for focus, I have two primary focus areas under the heading of Mission Critical SharePoint.  First, I will dig into how SharePoint can add strategic business value across the enterprise.  Second, I’m continually on the hunt for building out “business apps” that sit on top of SharePoint.  At Corridor, our first one is Contract Management and it has been a great hit.

As for AIIM Communities, it is perfect timing to pursue this new and exciting tack and one that is well aligned with the unique spirit of the SharePoint community.  The reason I say this is that the SharePoint community is one that is equally as passionate about SharePoint as it is about sharing information.  AIIM Communities is a perfect vehicle to extend this on-going exchange and it also demonstrates AIIM’s continued relevance.  I’m psyched to be in the SharePoint game at AIIM and look forward to sharing and learning on all levels.

Thanks AIIM (and Bryant) – you’re making us smarter by pushing us further!


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