Why is it so difficult to recruit good Records Management staff – or is it??

By Roger Poole posted 06-14-2010 15:57


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Within the last year I have recruited two, experienced, Records Management staff. One was recruited in New York, the other in London. Both of these recruitment processes were lengthy with a number of agencies being involved (in London). I had a good dialogue with the agencies and received many CV’s. The levels of experience for these candidates varied considerably.

I have some theories (below) regarding Records Management recruitment and should be interested to hear yours…..

  • Records Management (in Banking) is a relatively recent area of expertise (compared with other Banking skills). Consequently there is a relatively small “pool” of Records Management “experts”
  • Records Management experts within Banks may be employed in a number of different areas. For example I know of Records Managers working in these departments:-
    • Corporate Real Estate and Services
    • Compliance
    • Investment Banking Division
  • As a consequence some agencies (most of which now specialize in particular disciplines) are not sure where to seek appropriately qualified candidates

Ultimately I was lucky and have recruited two great people – one being introduced via a former colleague. I am now seeking an experienced Records Manager for a contract position in NY. Does anyone have any suggestions other than the usual Banking Agencies? What experiences have you had when recruiting to fill a Records Management role??

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