Are Records Management forgotten in the race for web 2.0?

By Per Sivertsen posted 04-19-2010 16:55


Web 2.0 urge

There are many organisations that feel the urge for web 2.0, wiki creations, bloggspots and mashups and collaboration. There are also lots of consultants high on technology out there that is willing to lead these organisations down the web 2.0 road without a closer look on the plattform the organisations are at the moment.

For organisations that barly have moved from fileshares to solutions that support document management there will be created an innovation gap that could make Records Management suffer.

What is the natural evolution for an organisation?

Going from fileshares with lots of possibilites for loss of information, wrong filing, versioning and findability problems to an document management is one of the easy steps. But from there to full web 2.0 functionallity is a major undertaking which will need the organisations management to step up to the plate and focus on information governance.

With the extensive use of instant messaging, emails, wikis and blogs there will be an equvalient need for storing information as records to be able to secure the possibilities for full reconstruction of communication inn and out of the organisation.

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