Just In Freaking Time (JIFT) Training

By Nick Inglis posted 09-06-2012 12:06


It's a bit of an accidentally well kept secret, but did you know that you can utilize the strength of AIIM Skills Development Training courses for your company's "Just In Time" training needs? Let me explain through example because I think more organizations could leverage this technique for their benefit...

WidgetCo has just rolled out SharePoint basic functionality for their collaboration and ECM needs. They're planning on adding workflow functionality through their "incremental functionality release" plan.
WidgetCo wants to quickly provide training to their IT team that will establish new workflows and their business users who will utilize them. They look around and realize that they certainly don't need developer focused training for their teams, they need the business focused training that AIIM provides but they don't want to send everyone through the full AIIM SharePoint for ECM training (pity).
Instead, they want to provide just a single module of AIIM's leading SharePoint for ECM online training, in this case, Practitioner Module 8 - Workflow. So, they contact AIIM and get a decent bulk discount on sending everyone through that one module and send a few of their IT staff through the full SharePoint for ECM training as well.
WidgetCo rolls out their new workflow functionality and their people understand how to best utilize the new features.
Wonderful story, right?
Here's the problem, not many companies are utilizing these resources right now with a single module for JIT training, but they could (and I daresay, should). How can you find out what is available in each course for your JIT needs? Click on http://www.aiim.org/Training/Certificate-Courses and then click on any of the individual courses. Click on "Pricing & Locations", then click on the "+" sign next to the words "Individual Modules". From there, find what will best meet your JIT needs and click on "Enroll Now" (as shown in the picture below).
On this page, there's a drop down list that allows you to choose your delivery method (as shown in the picture below). Select "Private" and then fill out the information on that page. One of AIIM's amazing Skills Development Advisors will get in touch to discuss group rates with you.
Easy, right? Ok, not entirely, but the AIIM IT team, led by the brilliant Laurence Hart is working on making this process a bit easier for folks, I suppose we can give him a couple days to improve this. For now, what's important is that AIIM is here for you and your organization for whatever your specific needs are. Feel free to reach out to us, we exist to help improve your organization.

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