Will The Future Enterprise Computer Have No Hard Drive?

By Nicholas Inglis posted 12-14-2011 09:53


I was talking the other day about how, when given the choice, your users will likely save their content to their local hard drive or their shared drive instead of SharePoint without some form or user adoption plan (with messaging on importance of saving to SP) and/or training. It got me thinking, we’re almost at the point where a hard drive is completely unnecessary in the workplace.

How we currently use our local hard drives:

  • Store current files
  • Store local programs
  • (Got any other reasons? Comment...)

For storing current files, we should probably be saving those files to our “My Sites” within SharePoint. No, it may not be as easy or fast right now, but with a little work, it could be. That would remove the necessity for the hard drive there.

For local programs, most of our local programs are moving to the cloud. With Office365 and browsers like Amazon’s Silk browser, the programs and computing power are moving to the cloud. Yes, we would probably need some form of hard drive in order to have a browser, but should the future need really go beyond that?

Alright, maybe we won’t be tossing our hard drives yet, but if you’re looking into the future of enterprise computing environments I see the hard drives shrinking, not growing.

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