Why SharePoint Is Falling In Love With AIIM

By Nicholas Inglis posted 10-12-2011 18:42


SharePoint Loves AIIM

Since SharePoint 2010 was released, the expert community around SharePoint has received a massive influx of a different type of person than they were used to. These people have titles like Information Architect, Records Manager, Information Manager, etc. These crazy people seem to love to talk about Taxonomies, Information Architecture and Governance. The influx of information workers to SharePoint has been due to the rapid maturation process that SharePoint has undergone in relation to its' prowess for Enterprise Content & Records Management (ECM/ERM or ECRM).


The community around SharePoint has had to deal with new topics as SharePoint has been scaling Enterprise-wide with Records Management and Content Management, namely, what are the best practices for handling ECRM in general and with SharePoint in particular? All of those information workers that are now a part of the SharePoint community have always had a consistent source, the source of ECM best practices since 1943: AIIM. The Association of Image and Information Management is the unbiased source of best practices around ECM since its' founding as the National Microfilm Association (yes, Microfilm).


Now, the ECM industry is making a new shift with the consolidation of major and minor ECM vendors continuing without an end in sight. Traditional vendors have been adapting with many adopting a strategy to 'play nice' with the new king of the market (when you have a 58% marketshare do you get a crown?), SharePoint. The Chinese proverb says, "May you live in interesting times" and we most certainly do. Still though, best practices are consistently provided by AIIM and those best practices have expanded beyond ECM to include SharePoint, Enterprise Records Management, Social Business/Enterprise 2.0, Social Media Governance, Mobile and so much more (we stay very busy).


So, those who have been with AIIM for years that now find themselves in a world of SharePoint, AIIM is still here with and for you. For those that have been with SharePoint since before anyone had uttered the name "SharePoint", welcome to the world of ECM, AIIM is here with you and for you.


If you have never registered with AIIM before, our basic membership is free and is now as simple as connecting your Windows Live, Facebook or Twitter account (you get lots of perks). For those that are looking to take the next steps as an AIIM member, Professional Membership is still less than $150 (you become an AIIM VIP).


AIIM would love to be your unbiased source of information for ECM and beyond. There's a reason that the SharePoint world is falling in love with AIIM.


Here are just a few of the resources that AIIM has for the world of SharePoint:


Research (SharePoint for ECM: How Well Is It Meeting Expectations?)

Webinars (Andrew McAfee on the 19th, "When Social Meets Process")

Major events (David Pogue & Clay Shirky at the AIIM Conference in March 2012)

Resources (SharePoint Optimization Wizard)

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