Is The Line Between Inside and Outside The Firewall Getting Blurry?

By Nicholas Inglis posted 06-11-2010 13:53


The line between inside and outside of the firewall is getting blurryIs it just me or is the line between inside and outside of the firewall getting blurrier. As marketing and PR departments reach out via social media and employees are connecting on Facebook and Twitter when internal alternatives don't exist, are we sure there still is an 'inside the firewall'?

Could there exist a day when companies can work together with their employees to use tools that exist outside of the firewall and have set permissions settings and verification of employment via email address domain (like Yammer verifies)? Is it possible that IT departments can change permissions settings for employees on tools like Facebook to establish an alternative environment for work? Could these two, public and private, coexist in the same space?

It's an interesting thought and one that will most likely be looked at again in the near future as the line gets blurrier.

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