What happened to My Links?

By Michael Doyle posted 09-09-2010 14:38


If you were using My Sites in SharePoint 2007, there was a high likelihood you were using My Links. It was a convenient place to store and organize links that went with you from browser to browser. If you haven’t noticed yet, SharePoint 2010 My Sites don’t have My Links by default (on the profile area). This is because they want you to use Tags to create a tag cloud and get away from My Links. That is fine if you are starting from scratch but if you are going from SP2007 My Sites you will need some sort of migration plan (or at least you should have a migration plan). My recommendation is to get rid of the organization chart on the profile page of the person and replace it with the old my links. You can do this following these steps.

Adding My Links to the profile page in My Sites 2010

  1. Open the My Site Host with SharePoint Designer 2010 with an account that is a site collection administrator.
  2. Click on All Files.
  3. Right click person.aspx and choose to Edit File in Advanced Mode.
  4. Find the hierarchy control and delete it (easiest to find in the design view).
  5. Then insert the My Links control as shown below from the web parts gallery.
  6. This will put the My Links on the page. Just save and you are done.

Your users will probably love that they can still use their links but it doesn’t really get them to start using the Tags feature. I would recommend a phased approach that eventually gets rid of Quick Links, but allows users to have both for a while. Usually, a couple of reminders don’t hurt either. I hope this helps those users out there that have been wondering what is up with their links.

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