Usability and Performance are critical; CMIS still not a star – A Short Survey on CMS and CMIS

By Mark Owen posted 02-13-2012 14:16


Last year Generis did a small "non-scientific" survey to get a snapshot of the plans for CMS, and CMIS adoption. I wrote an "analysis" post on this in my blog. 

This year the CEO of Generis, James Kelleher, sent me a copy of the survey for 2012. While he still openly admits that it is far from being a comprehensive, scientific study, he mentions that it shows some interesting trends.
Looking at the results in the survey, you can see that there has been a massive increase in the use of SharePoint, Nuxeo, Alfresco & "other" (eRoom, Cindoc, SDL, Drupal and Typo3), while there has been a slight drop in the use of ECM's Documentum.
As mentioned in the survey, this has most likely come about as companies had implemented an additional CMS system, while maintaining their "legacy" one.
Looking at the 2011 figures, "Adding new platforms" was ranked as a key goal. For 2012, however, "reducing platforms" has a higher priority (when compared to the same in 2011). Does this mean that those companies that wanted to add a new CMS platform last year have decided to maintain the new comer, and phase out the old? The survey didn't go into that. (But the 2013 survey is planned to ask those questions.)
Generis also asked companies to rate how important 15 aspects of an ECM system were as well as how their current platform rated in the same areas. The areas included usability, performance, integration (with Office, with social media, with other ECM systems), security, configurability, workflows, etc.
Based on the feedback given, it appears that integration is not the most critical requirement here. The respondents were given the opportunity to rank aspects as "not applicable", or "Low", and "Integration with Social Media" (both inside, and outside, the firewall) got the highest score for these two rankings.
And, while the score for "Integration with other ECM systems, was high, most of the responses indicated that CMIS "might affect a few initiatives". Looks like CMIS still isn't seen as a "critical factor".
In my post on Generis' survey last year, I mentioned that the "look" of the survey results wasn't the most appealing. This year's version is still the same. I'm sure the data would be the same if the Survey Results were formatted a little differently however, and at least Generis didn't create an infographic to portray the results.
You can read the Survey Result paper here:

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