News about MoReq2010 from Brussels

By Marc Fresko posted 12-15-2011 18:35



Lots of news about MoReq2010 following the DLM Forum’s triennial conference in Brussels (Belgium) this week (12 to 14 December 2011).



The DLM Forum has launched its testing programme for MoReq2010.  There are two main aspects to this programme.

First, the testing materials themselves.  They include a pre-qualification questionnaire, which runs to 915 pages (likely  to exceed 1,000 pages once it is completed).  While the tests for any specification that has hundreds of requirements (as MoReq2010 does) will always be long, 915 pages just for a pre-qualification questionnaire is more than slightly daunting.  The actual test documents seem shorter, but that is mainly because some of them are missing; at this stage test documents for several key parts of the specification, such as classification, have not yet appeared.  All this explains why the documentation is labelled as BETA.

Second, the DLM Forum invites applications from prospective certified test centres.  A document including a test centre agreement and detailed procedures is freely available.  The barrier to certification is undemanding – there is no apparent need for formal qualifications in software testing for example.  And it seems that test centres can set their own fees for testing.  So, the field is wide open for anyone to start offering MoReq2010 tests, and making a lot of money – so long as they can find software vendors willing to go through the test process described above.

All the documents are on the DLM Forum website,  Follow the links to MoReq Downloads and MoReq2010 Testing; or click here.



The European Commission has funded the production of a hard copy version of MoReq2010.  Weighing in at 524 pages this beautifully-produced full-colour tome makes the MoReq2010 approachable and readable for the first time.  And at 2 pounds in weight, it can have other uses too.  Copies are available free from the EU Bookshop (, with ISBN 978-92-79-18519-9 (well, they should be – this is such a new publication that I cannot see it on the site yet).

The paper version is labelled version 1.1, following the electronically published version 1.0.  I cannot find any printed information on the differences between the versions, but I understand that they include the fixing of typos.  At any rate, the printed version maintains the bizarre section numbering of the version 1.0 (with section numbering having gaps in most chapters).  But it is easy on the eye, and should provide an important vehicle for dissemination of MoReq2010’s new conceptual framework.


When published last June, MoReq2010 was lacking several important modules.  This made MoReq2010 a very interesting specification if you are interested in specifying an electronic records management system that does not integrate with email, with scanning, or with office software.  The missing modules have still not appeared.  Last month they were promised for…  last month.  There is no statement from DLM on what the first modules will be, what will be delivered, or when.  We just wait.



Worryingly, there is no governance or consultation framework for the missing modules.  When (if) they appear, they will need extensive consultation, and will need a governance process to manage their continued development. 

Any volunteers?


Marc Fresko

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