Sshh, don't tell anyone.

By Marc Fresko posted 06-07-2011 18:59




Don’t tell anyone:  MoReq2010 has at last been published.  I say ‘don’t tell anyone because’ the DLM Forum (its publisher)  seems to be keeping it quiet.  In its most bizarre move yet, the DLM Forum has published MoReq2010 – but without a big splash to tell people.  In fact, without telling anyone so far as I can see.  Even its own contributors were not told that it has been published - I only learned about it from a correspondent half the world away.  Maybe it is because the DLM Forum is not exactly proud of publishing something that, at 520 pages and over 130,000 words it is far from being the promised ‘simplification and refactoring’ of MoReq2 (if it were simple, it would not need a glossary that extends to 50 pages!)

I look forward to reading it, and to being impressed by its content.  So far, all I can say is that it is greatly changed from the consultation draft issued just in time for the last Christmas break, whic is positive; and despite being over 5 months late (and even later than announced at the DLM Forum meeting last month) it is still not complete.  More later.

I fully respect the DLM Forum’s wishes to keep all this quiet, so I won’t give you its url.  Let’s just say it is available from the MoReq collateral site (easy to find using Google, other search engines ar available) and elsewhere.

Happy reading.  And keep it quiet.

Marc Fresko

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