MoReq2010 Consultation Fails

By Marc Fresko posted 12-29-2010 12:12


The consultation for the (nearly) complete draft of MoReq2010 closed on 26th December.  Only 25 people (approximately) submitted comments, including hundreds of comments submitted in a rush on the last three days - over Christmas.

Most observers would agree that such a small number of people taking part constitutes a failure.  The promised input from AIIM and other professional bodies did not materialise; and there was virtually no input from national archives.

Worse yet, the DLM Forum has announced a commitment to publish a completed MoReq2010 specification by 31st December 2010.  Given that many of the consultation comments are major and fundamental, it defies belief that this can be done.

Let us all hope - for the good of the records management community - that the DLM Forum has the courage to realise that more consultation is needed - much more - and that it must not try to publish a completed specification by the end of 2010. 

What is needed now is a next draft, then a properly planned, extended, further consultation.  This extended consultation must consist of more than just posting on a web portal - that has been proved not to work.  We need to see meetings, conferences, more publicity, and better mechanisms for collecting comments, all spread out over at least 3 months.  And the next draft needs to be complete, not (as the last review draft) missing some crucial components. 

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