MoReq2010 draft and consultation announced

By Marc Fresko posted 11-17-2010 12:08


If you have any interest in MoReq, you may want to set aside some time to review the draft of MoReq2010 between 26th November and 26th December.

At the DLM Forum Members’ Meeting in Brussels on 17th November, the author of MoReq2010 announced that the draft of the “core + essential plugin modules” for MoReq2010 will be available on 24th November (for members only) and 26th November (for everyone else).

The draft is set to include the core of MoReq2010, a glossary, and a minimal set of plug-in modules to required to make it a usable model specification.  It reportedly runs to about 100 pages if you print it, and it introduces major new concepts - it is not just a re-packaging of MoReq2.

The consultation is scheduled to close on 26th December.  The author also announced that the final, final, final, version of all this will be published by 31st December – strangely, this is only 5 days after the close of the consultation.  Am I the only one to wonder whether such a short interval between consultation and publication raises significant questions about the seriousness of the consultation, the roles of some of the reviewers, and the commitment to quality?

These dates are provided against the context that at the beginning of October, it was announced the draft would be published mid-October; at the middle of October it was announced for the end of October; and on 14th November it was announced for 16th/18th November.  So I suppose it has to arrive some time soon.

Other modules of MoReq2010 are expected to follow in 2011; we were given no further details of what they are or when they will appear.

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