MoReq2010 Progress

By Marc Fresko posted 11-15-2010 05:30


Just in time for its meeting in Brussels starting tomorrow, the DLM Forum published yesterday (Sunday 14 November 2010) a newsletter about MoReq2010.  It explains that the MoReq2010 consultation draft will be published on 16 November (or maybe 18 November, depending on which page you read); and that an online seminar has just been launched (or will be launched in Brussels, depending on which page you read; it has in fact been available on the ARMA website for a couple of weeks).  The newsletter gives no clue about when MoReq2010 will be delivered.

At the same time, the MoReq2010 team has published a document containing its reponses to the first consultation which concluded ten weeks ago.  This is available from the DLM Forum website.

More detail soon!

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