Adoption is the Word

By Larry Kluger posted 01-08-2015 00:49


Hi Everyone, it’s been a while since my last post, but I’m now back with more!

2015 is here and it provides us with new opportunities to make a difference. My suggestion for a project that will make difference, with fast payback, is digital signatures.

And in particular, digital signatures for your electronic content or document management system. No matter whether you use SharePoint, OpenText, Documentum, Alfresco or something else, you can add digital signatures to it.

Why digital signatures now? There are many reasons, but this time I’ll focus on Adoption. “Adoption” is the whispered phrase in the corridors of SharePoint and other ECM conferences:

You built it, but they didn’t come. (Or they’re not continuing to visit.) You can try carrots such as the ever-popular phone list/employee directory project, or sticks (mandates from management). But the real issue is to turn your ECM into something convenient and useful for your colleagues.

I suggest that digital signatures are the perfect answer to the adoption problem:

Identify a business process or two that includes signed paperwork. Then automate them, including on-line signing using digital signatures. Everyone will benefit and your adoption rate will climb. Be prepared for on-line signing requests from other departments!

See my older posts for lots of other reasons why digital signatures are a good idea.

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