How to Show Credentials on LinkedIn and Twitter

By Kevin Parker posted 05-23-2016 16:36


AIIM CredentialsI'm a big advocate of AIIM Training, and I have the honor of teaching some AIIM courses on occasion. As with the CIP, when you earn an AIIM training certificate or any other industry credential, you should display it proudly!

The Challenge

I have seen AIIM training certificate designations typed several different ways. It is easy enough to format these in rich email clients using superscripts for the level (Practitioner, Specialist, Master). But what about text-only fields on sites like LinkedIn and Twitter?

Some use something like "ECMm" for Enterprise Content Management Master. That might be okay if only it would work on all designations. Unfortunately, it doesn't read well for my Capture Practitioner to use "Capturep". It just looks like I can't type.

The Solution

The Unicode standard includes superscripts and subscripts of most letters. So all you need to do to format your credentials nicely is to copy and paste the right characters into a text field like your LinkedIn name, headline, or summary, or your Twitter bio.

  • For Master, you can use .
  • For Specialist, you can use ˢ.
  • For Practitioner, you can use ᵖ.

And this works for other credentials, also!


For my designations, I could use the following on Twitter or LinkedIn:

CIP, ECMᵐ, ERMᵐ, BPMᵐ, SharePointᵐ, Captureᵖ

I hope this helps. And always be learning!


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