Contributing content via mobile – Ubiquitous Information Capture

By Kevin Neal posted 12-19-2011 12:28


Accessing content from mobile is certainly an undeniable trend as the proliferation of these devices continues within business organizations, as well as for personal use. One of the inherit issues with these devices is that they are primarily used for “consumption” and not “contribution”. Frankly, contributing content from mobile has been challenging, if not impossible. Small display sizes, awkward keyboards and/or lack of integration have all been factors. However, times are changing and technology is now available to help make contributing content via mobile much easier. I would even venture to say that, in certain cases, the novelty of using this cutting-edge technology to contribute content is almost “fun”. The same way that people upload and tag a picture to Facebook can be the same experience someone can automatically capture information from a business card, expense receipt or business document and upload to a repository.

The challenges of information capture via mobile are to be expected when there is so much new technology convergence, and especially, when all of these technologies are potential ‘game-changers’: Mobile, Information Capture, Enterprise 2.0/Social and Cloud.

Forward-thinking technology vendors, savvy systems integrators or end-user organizations that choose to truly embrace and begin to harness the power of these platforms have a tremendous opportunity to design extremely easy to use, yet highly effective ubiquitous information capture via mobile solutions.

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