A Passion for Content Management

By Keith Smith posted 08-31-2010 00:00


I’m excited to begin blogging on AIIM’s new SharePoint community site.  I have long been a fan of AIIM and have participated as an AIIM Ambassador and class attendee.   I’m grateful for this opportunity to interact with a large community of experts, administrators, users and implementers.  In the coming months, I plan to share some ideas I have about the evolution and future direction of ECM solutions and look forward to hearing what others have to say.  I will also attempt to communicate some lessons I’ve learned over the years about deploying ECM solutions in general and Microsoft SharePoint in particular.

It has been an interesting journey that has brought me to this point.  10 years ago, I began my consulting career in the ECM space with a simple request from my boss:  “Install Livelink on this server…shouldn’t take you to long.”  After spending far too many days troubleshooting that install, I was finally able to get it up and running.  My early years were spent implementing a Communities of Practice methodology using Livelink and automating business processes using the basic workflow tools.  I subsequently moved on to implementations of Documentum and other ECM tools before settling into my current SharePoint focus.   My earliest exposure to SharePoint involved upgrading a SharePoint 2000 installation but I’m presently managing a number of SharePoint 2010 deployments. 

It didn’t take me long to develop an understanding for the capabilities (and potential) inherent in these products and their underlying concepts.  What started as simple document repositories has evolved into solution sets that can organize, automate and communicate virtually anything that we do. 

Aside from my background in the Enterprise Content Management space, I would probably be described as a little too passionate about the Philadelphia Eagles.  I’m an avid photographer and traveler.  (Yes, I’ve got an ECM solution for my photos.  Feel free to reach out for any tips.)  I’m also a bit of a weekend warrior as I participate in our corporate basketball and flag football leagues.

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