Lessons from Microsoft on internal social engagement

By John Mancini posted 06-16-2010 21:29


Christian Finn from Microsoft (and he could also be a stunt double for Steve Ballmer) gave an interesting presentation at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference on how they scaled their internal podcasting initiative -- called "Academy Mobile."

Among the keys to success...
  1. Give people the tools -- this is less important now as inexpensive cameras and phones with video capabilities have multiplied, but was important at the launch.
  2. Think through questions related to rating, commenting, channels -- spread will take a while and need to be encouraged.
  3. Create rewards for lots of very specific activities -- think about the things you want to have happen -- down to very small individual actions -- and encourage them with a point system.
Their results are truly impressive...
  1. 18,000 podcasts in system today
  2. 100,000 views year one - 280,000 in year two - almost a million this year
  3. 54% of all employees have viewed a podcast
Key learnings...
  1. Focus on the need, not the technology -- You are solving a problem for them
  2. Be a silo buster -- the solution belongs to the users -- not a top down command and control
  3. What's in a name? A lot actually -- Initiative should have distinct name and identity
  4. Start small, grow fast
  5. Bring in everybody -- make relevant at all levels - pay attention to raters and viewers
  6. Value? Let us count the ways -- Microsoft chose to measure participation -- that isn't right for everyone, but measure something
  7. Your mileage may vary -- Culture will matter

Again per my previous McAfee post, any errors above -- this was drawn from my notes -- are purely my responsibility.

What suggestions do you have to encourage the spread of E20 initiatives?

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