Self-destruct email: the final solution to limit your eDiscovery costs!

By Johannes Scholtes posted 06-25-2010 07:06

I am sure that many of my blogging colleagues will also pick this up, if they have not already done so. Yesterday, I found this great article in Forbes on the final solution for the email dilemma: . Yes, we now have a solution to cut back dramatically on all our eDiscovery costs: “this email will self-destruct 10 seconds after you have read the content”. Sounds like James Bond! No, this is no joke, there is indeed a new vendor on the block that sells a solution that self-destructs all emails sent. How you can make sure that a 3rd party such as a service provider or a law enforcement or intelligence authority cannot make a snapshot copy, is not clear to me yet, but I will look into that. But from a technical point; I am not sure if that will be 100% possible. Because, one of the problems with email and eDiscovery is that even if your organization applies proper retention and records management principles, who guarantees that the receipting party of your email message does not keep everything forever and ever? And then email is only the start! There are many more new elephants in the corner: multi-media, SharePoint data, social networks and various ESI in file shares and proprietary repositories. But, reading about self-destructing email is a good read and a great article to get attention for the real problem: a roadmap towards enterprise information archiving! For real-world email and eDiscovery solutions you should join our KM World Webinar Tuesday June 29th, 2010:, or read more here:, or here:

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