On the Road Again…to AIIM

By Joe Budelli posted 06-15-2011 19:12


How can you turn digital disorder into a well-oiled information machine? How can you make information work for you to increase productivity and enable better decision making? These questions and more were recently answered at the AIIM Summer Seminar Series, From Content Chaos to Digital Dividends: The 4 Keys to Your Information Transformation. We had the chance to attend the late-May educational forum in Los Angeles. My colleague Jennifer Pomeroy presented a session entitled, “Leveraging Mobile Devices to Initiate Core Data Capture Backend Processes,” while Butch Reh had direct discussions with attendees at the ABBYY USA exhibitor booth.

During the session, Jennifer shared their thoughts on the mobilization of the capture industry. She discussed how advancements in mobile imaging, OCR and capture technology, application development and cloud services are making today’s smartphones and tablets more than just communication devices. She talked about how mobile data capture is bridging the gap between users, services, and information. How mobile devices are tools that organizations can use on the frontlines to enhance an organizations bottom line.

Throughout the session, and from the discussions we had afterwards, it was interesting to see that a vast majority of the attendees were not that aware that smartphones are becoming the next capture and scanning device.  I found this particularly interesting in light of the recent discussion around this topic on our very own AIIM Capture Community blog, and at the Info 360 Conference earlier this year. 

After brief discussions, much of the audience was keen on discussing how smartphones can be used as front line capture devices to drive revenue and enhance productivity. It was great to see side conversations begin about how the new generation of workers use smartphones in the workplace, and how companies need to leverage the trend to not only stay in business, but to innovate to stay above the competition. This is especially true for system integrators and IT personnel.  

It was an uplift for our industry that the Los Angeles AIIM roadshow event so well attended, and I was encouraged by how outstanding the educational forum was. AIIM presents a great opportunity for education and information, and it allows us as a technology provider to gain better insight into the trends that customers are (or are not) looking into. Like the AIIM info360 event, we think that with the growth of the industry and the direction we are collectively taking towards mobility and innovation, there is a chance to reformat the events to make them more interactive and engaging. The forums should be geared toward the future of the data capture industry, and focus onend users discussing their own experiences with new technologies. This means embracing the mobile world and the people who drive it, to create an environment that pushes traditional data capture technologies to the limit.

Have you attended any of AIIM’s roadshow sessions? What did you learn or find interesting? What would you like to see added to the forums to better enhance the experience?

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