#AIIM14 Day 2 - Key Takeaways

By Jim Merrifield posted 04-04-2014 12:27


I know this post is a bit late, but as the old saying goes..better late than never. Let’s just stay I had too much fun at the AIIM Conference Party and Awards Ceremony. So without further a do, here are my key takeaways from AIIM Day 2. 


Keynote Address - Don’t Blow your (S.M.A.C.) Stack - Thornton May


Thornton May is simply awesome! He is a futurist who collects data from listening to people. So, as you would expect Thornton got the audience involved right from the beginning. He asked us to collaborate on a series of questions and then share them with the rest of the audience. Below is a summary of three of them. I enjoyed the answers to the third one the best. :)


Question 1: What are the greatest changes impacting your career in the next two years?


Answers: Globalization, IT identifies Records, Social Media, Increase of data, Internal Social Media, The virtual workplace, Change in demographics. 


Question 2: What is the single most important change management lesson you have learned so far in your career?


Answers: Be flexible and go with the flow, You have to be a leader of the change, Have empathy for people, Be simple and positive, Tell a relatable story, Encourage early retirement (can you hear the laughs?), Find a highly motivated team.


Question 3: If You were asked to choose the movie, TV show or book which comes closed to capturing the “Essence of the external environment facing your organization today, What movie, TV show, book would you pick?


Answers: Friend, Gravity, The Hunger Games, Noah, Minority Report, Scandal, Wizard of Oz, Inception, Titanic, Fast and Furious, Gas Light, Big Bang Theory.



Exploiting SharePoint 2013 for improved “Findability” of People and Content - Christy Clark


Christy describes herself as an innovator and a team player. She believes that Office 365 is the future and will increase adoption over the next 3-5 years. I appreciated the seven key points she learned when it comes to ECM an SharePoint. The points are as follows…


  1. Exploit the Investment, capitalize on the Desire!
  2. Governance Must Exist - Content Ownership & Accountability!
  3. Secured Content is Expected - No more Default open an access!
  4. Features & Functionality Abound
  5. Some customization is OK
  6. Always be thinking about what’s next
  7. Commit to a Simple Strategy


Finding the Signal in the Noise: Bringing Predictive Analytics to the Information Governance Space - Jason R. Baron


Jason discussed the information explosion and how the governance problem keeps getting worse. He stated that 1800 new Exabytes of data was created this year alone. That is crazy! We can no longer rely on keyword searches to locate the information we need. It just isn’t practical, takes too long and frankly doesn’t work. So what is the answer? Predictive coding. Jason believes that predictive coding is very well suited to solving the “keep everything approach” and our governance issues. 


Let’s Talk: Tackling Trigger or Event Based Retention - Sue Trombley


This lively discussion was right up my ally. Sue provided everyone with Iron Mountain’s latest White Paper entitled “When Time Isn’t On Your Side”. It is a great read! Organizations need to stop relying on manual processes and start automating the retention process based on a trigger or event. Relying on users is difficult and doesn’t work. Sue stated in the discussion and White Paper that “recent statistics show that 67% of organizations agree that their RIM program would benefit from fewer event-based retention periods. To that I gladly concur. The retention schedule needs to be manageable not impossible to manage. The discussion concluded with the thought that organizations need to be able to apply retention across all information and platforms. One way to do this is through API connectors. 


SharePoint 2013 and Office 365: collaboration, cloud, and compliance? - Joel Oleson


Being able to see Joel Oleson present live and in-person was a special treat for me. For any of you that know Joel, he is Mr. SharePoint. I’d encourage you to check out his blog and follow him on twitter @joeloleson. I could write an entire post dedicated to Joe’s presentation, but I’m just going to share my favorite point. I was so impressed with Joel’s knowledge of SharePoint, Office 365 and Yammer. Office 365’s compliance features are no joke. Could Office 365 be the new governance platform? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. 


Final Thoughts


The AIIM team is truly a class act and they also know how to throw a party! Day 2 ended with an awesome celebration party and awards ceremony on the rooftop of the Orlando Science Center. Congratulations to those who were inducted into the Company of Fellows! And a special shout out to my main man, Steve Weissman!


For many more high points, I’d encourage you to read Doculabs, Lane Severson blog



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