Member Spotlight: Soo Kang

By Jessica Lombardo posted 06-06-2018 19:17


Member Spotlight: Soo Kang
An active community blogger, GDPR community expert, and fantastic guy--Soo Kang--is this month's member spotlight. Soo has been active for years blogging in AIIM's community, this last year he helped launch the GDPR member community by sharing his knowledge and insights in our 'Ask an Expert' series. If you have not yet connected to Soo, do so now! We sat down to talk with him this month to learn more about his work.

Soo Kang
General Counsel / Director, Consulting Division
Company: Zasio Enterprises, Inc.

Where do you live in? Boise, Idaho 

How long have you worked in information management? Over fifteen years in the legal field and information governance engaging in discovery practice, litigation holds, and working with clients on information related and data privacy issues. 

What does your work entail? Do you have company support? How are you helping drive the goals of your office through your work? Driven by client needs and deadlines, my work varies day-to-day. Primary focus is on strategic and tactical planning, both externally to help clients achieve their desired objectives and internally to refine and create products and service offerings to address prevailing information challenges and effectively position the consulting division. Once the proposed plan is approved, and depending on the nature of the project, I execute, lead initiatives, and/or undertake a project management role.

I am supported by a great team of analysts who bring a wealth of experience in a variety of fields and industries, which are leveraged to address information issues faced by our clients. Our company is also very supportive of professional development and continued education. This helps our analysts build on their existing skillsets and proactively stay abreast of emerging issues in the information governance industry by attaining certifications, actively participating in local and national industry groups and boards, and engaging other professionals through knowledge share opportunities.

What has been the biggest success in your career in information management? Success is measured not by an outcome on a project, but through the development of relationships. I am fortunate to reflect on my career so far and be able to identify those relationships where I’ve successfully positioned our company as the go-to resource for information management issues, to have clients come back to us repeatedly, and to refer us to others. This success, however, is not attributable to me alone but my team of analysts as well as all others at the company, from our President on down, who place a premium on quality and customer service.

What’s your current biggest work challenge? We are all aware of the many challenges faced by organizations who seek to effectively manage their information assets ranging from limited budgets, lack of internal support, inconsistent objectives/expectations, and technology issues by way of example. As consultants, these challenges flow down to us as we identify and develop appropriate solutions, whether isolated to a project or a more holistic effort.

You’ve been critical to the startup of AIIM’s GDPR community helping host the Ask an Expert webinar series—which we can’t thank you enough for in sharing your expertise—what have you gained through your community involvement? The opportunity to network with an amazing group of professionals from my co-panelists to the attendees, as well as those working behind the scenes at AIIM. The conversations with @Gregory Reid, @Madi McAllister, and @Jessica Lombardo leading up to the webinars have been filled with meaningful insights and laughs. Also, the questions posed in the GDPR community at AIIM and those attending the webinars helped identify practical struggles and challenges as we worked together as a community to knowledge share and navigate through the GDPR.

As organizations continue to ensure they are GDPR compliant, is there a checklist of items organizations should be reviewing to get organized and compliant? 
From an information management perspective, a review of the retention schedule and records management related policies is warranted to assure proper assignment of retention baselines for those records containing personal data, as well as to identify and incorporate potential new records arising from the GDPR. In addition, it is important to collaborate with IT and business owners to understand where the information lies and to also create a workflow to maintain that inventory or mapping evergreen. Lastly, remain vigilant and adapt as the GDPR is enforced and challenged in the aftermath of the May 25th go-live date. 

Zasio has been quite an active member of AIIM—what does the company gain from being involved in the community and Buyers Guide? We get to interact with a community of information management professionals AIIM has developed and cultivated over its long history. This is accomplished by engaging community members at AIIM sponsored events, participating in knowledge share opportunities through various AIIM platforms, and overall getting to introduce those who may not know our company to the variety of software solutions and consulting services that we offer. In addition, by being active, we get to support a great organization devoted to developing content for its members on information management, which aligns with our company’s objectives – to help companies manage information better.

And we’re heading into summer—any fun summer travel plans? Yes! A few quick getaways planned to spend quality time with my wife and daughter, get together with friends, and participate in tennis tournaments.

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