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Member Spotlight: Gordon Brown

By Jessica Lombardo posted 07-21-2017 19:06

Each month, we'll be taking the time to introduce you to someone from the AIIM community. Why? Because you guys are doing some really innovating things and though content may be king, connections are priceless.  

This month, we want you to meet Gordon Brown.  We met Gordon at AIIM17, he's no stranger to sharing and is open to mentoring folks too.  Check out our conversation with Gordon and be sure to connect with him!

Gordon E. Brown
Manager, Records Services
Atlanta Housing Authority


Where do you live in?

Decatur just outside Atlanta.


How many years have you been in the information management space?

I have been in information management for 10 years, all in public service but in different sectors e.g. higher education, state government.


What led you to information management?

I was a history graduate that realized that this wasn’t going to cut it in the real world. I had enjoyed using archives during my studies, so I took a master degree that would allow me to either work in archives or records management. After I graduated and was applying for jobs, I decided that whichever came up first was going to be my career path. I got a job as a records manager, and so the rest is history.


What at work keeps you up at night? Or what’s your biggest work challenge?

Our biggest challenge is culture change. More specifically, changing from a paper-centric worldview to one of electronic records and a totally new way of working with metadata and not folders. 

AIIM: Definitely check out AIIM's quick study on change management best practices and we'll be sure to let you know when World Paper Free Day is open for registration:)


What has been the biggest success in your career in information management?

Rebooting and re-energizing a RIM program that has been somewhat dormant for a few years, into a program with a system for updating hundreds of retention schedules, a highly successful training program where we were having to turn people away from our training as we couldn’t cope with the numbers, and standard operating procedures that are still in place 5 years on.


If you could ask any question to the AIIM audience with the hopes of solving an issue, what would that be?

How can you get users to more easily adopt SharePoint as an EDRMS?


What are the top 3 things you want to get out of AIIM?

  1. Learn from experts to help me overcome information management challenges that I face – I don’t want to reinvent the wheel if I don’t have to!
  2. Make new connections.
  3. Overall professional development so I can continue to be the best information professional that I can be.


What did you get out of AIIM17?

I got to make new connections that I hope will be valuable to me and to my connections. I learned from the great wealth of experience of others who are facing the same challenges as me, which honestly makes me feel better and is giving me new avenues to the explore wjehn facing challenges.


What’s your favorite movie and why?

“Once Upon A Time in the West”. I love it because it looks beautiful, has a mysterious man with a harmonica, a classic villain, and is all topped off with a stunning score by Ennio Morricone!

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