What's Different about AIIM 2013 and How To Build a Convincing Business Case to Attend

By Jessica Lombardo posted 10-30-2012 14:16


I wrote this up for members and sent it out last week.  Feedback has been good, so thought I would share with our online community as well.  Hope this helps and feel free to follow up. 

This month for your member update, I wanted to reach out to you about the 2013 AIIM Conference with hopes of helping you build a solid case of why you really should go.

Though I’ve been in the association world for years, and been running membership programs longer, I never really loved conferences.  I loved getting to see everyone in person—which is a huge factor—but content was kind of dry and overwhelming and it seemed people were just strolling the show floor finding tchotchkes vs. solutions. 

But last year when AIIM moved forward with managing its own conference, I was really impressed with its new format and re-energized about how content management and process can impact an organization’s strength and goals. 

I thought breaking it down the following way may help you build a case (for yourself or boss) as why AIIM 2013 is worth the investment. 

  1. Format.  Not sure this registers so high on everyone’s agenda, but I find a lot of value in the way the message is delivered.  AIIM 2013 is set-up is more like TED talks—crazy interesting keynotes with tracks which feature experts sharing their experiences and best practices in concise, 20 minute slots.  Be wowed, inspired, and delivered information in style that is ‘get it, and move on.’  You definitely leave with ideas worth sharing. 
  2. Theme.  Business is moving social, mobile, and into the cloud.  Traditional records managers to social gurus—every informational professional is rethinking their company’s procedures and policies on how to manage content to meet the demands of their consumers and employees.  This conference was designed with professionals who need to connect with others and learn what works, what doesn’t, what needs to be considered, what’s out there.  Truly a short cut on a lot of hours of research. 
  3. Speakers.  Not being star crazy, but I’ve seen each of the keynotes from Seth Godin to Thornton May to David Pogue on stage before and have been blown away by how much they really get it and in a way that makes me excited that I’m a part of it. 
  4. People.  People are always the heart of the conference, and as a member, you know this group truly understands the power of information and its critical role in shaping and building business.  Get the most of your membership and connect with more of these people in person.  Long lasting, meaningful contacts.

I guess I should stop here, but I would be happy to send you bullet points of what more you’ll learn to further your case.  You can reach me via email at or by phone at 301-755-2636.  Full conference information can be found at

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