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By Jesse Wilkins posted 06-08-2012 10:36


When AIIM released the very first ECM and ERM Master Classes in January 2006 we had no idea how big this would be. More than 20,000 students later, AIIM has established itself as the leading provider of information management-related content, covering not just technologies but also strategies, processes, and governance across the information lifecycle. 

If you haven't stopped by recently, we've been busy. In the last three months we have released three completely new courses: 
  • The SharePoint for Collaboration Training Program describes how to use SharePoint 2010 as a collaboration platform, both out-of-the-box and as part of an enterprise collaboration offering. 
  • The Social Media Governance Training Program makes the case for incorporating social media into the organization's governance framework and then provides guidance on just how to do it, from policies and governance roles to how to capture social content as records. 
  • The Taxonomy and Metadata Training Program describes how to enhance the findability of enterprise information through effective use of metadata, including how to develop a taxonomy, which type or types of taxonomy meet particular requirements, and how to implement a taxonomy efficiently. 
These courses complement our other offerings: 
So if you haven't taken an AIIM course, I invite you to take a look. No matter your job title, I'm confident we have something that will increase your knowledge and your value to your organization. And if you've taken an AIIM course in the past, come back and take a look at our new courses.
If you have any questions about any of the courses or which one is right for you I encourage you to visit or contact me directly at

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06-08-2012 12:39

I took both the ECM and ERM classes and I can't begin to describe how much I learned. Between the excellent instructors and my fellow students, I felt like my brian was full. I have been applying these lessons for years, and I hope to be able to send some of the members of my staff to these classes in the near future.