The AIIM Social Business Virtual Event - Governance Track

By Jesse Wilkins posted 06-06-2011 22:25


By now you've probably heard about the Social Business virtual conference AIIM is hosting on September 8, 2011. You may have seen announcements on LinkedIn, or via Twitter, or even targeted ads on Facebook. In this post I'd like to provide an overview of the Governance track for the event. 

The Governance track is designed to provide specific information for how to manage social business content and processes in the context of an organization's regulatory environment. It's important to have a reminder at the outset that every organization's environment will be different - public vs. private sector, publicly vs. privately held, the level of regulation associated with a particular sector or jurisdiction, and even to some extent the size of the organization all contribute to the required governance framework. 

The track currently consists of eight sessions: 

  • Key Issues for Enterprise Information Management 2011 - Debra Logan, Gartner
  • Records Management in the Social Media World: Aligning Strategy and Governance with Business Requirements - Dianne Kelley, Viacom
  • How to Develop a Governance Policy for Facebook - Jesse Wilkins, CRM, AIIM
  • How to Develop a Governance Policy for Twitter - Jesse Wilkins, CRM, AIIM
  • How Mobile Devices will Transform Paper Processes - Bob Larrivee, AIIM
  • How IT Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Facebook - Andrea Baker, AIIM. Andrea has a separate post up today talking about the conference broadly and her session specifically. 
  • Records Management in the Age of Twitter - Jesse Wilkins, CRM - AIIM
  • Survey of AIIM & ARMA Social Media Resources. Carl Weise, CRM, AIIM

The session descriptions are available on the main event page or click the Agenda tab.  Over the next few weeks we'll be adding blog posts, interviews, and additional information about each of the sessions here in the AIIM Communities blogs. 

And of course attendees are welcome and encouraged to attend the opening and closing keynotes, featuring Professor Andrew McAfee, author of Enterprise 2.0: New Collaborative Tools for Your Organization's Toughest Challenges (blog), AIIM President John Mancini (blog), and well-known author David Weinberger (Everything is Miscellaneous, co-author of The Clue Train Manifesto)

We hope to "see" you there!

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