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Maintaining Your CIP Status - A Reminder and Clarification

By Jesse Wilkins posted 01-30-2020 10:58

Hi all, 

As a reminder, CIPs are required to renew their status every three years. Last year I wrote a fairly long blog post about how you can maintain your CIP. All of the information in that post remains relevant, but I wanted to clarify because of some questions I've gotten of late. 

1. If you got your CIP before we launched CIP v3 on June 1, 2019, and have maintained it since then, your current renewal cycle only requires 45 CEUs. When we send the reminder emails, it notes that you need 60; that's because that's correct for all CIPs who started with CIP v3, either the live exam or the beta. We do track whether you need to submit 45 or 60, and I'm happy to confirm that for you - ping me at 

2. If you got the CIP at any point but did not renew it, your status is lapsed. This means that you cannot call yourself a CIP, use the logo, use the designation, etc. In order to come back into the fold, you'll need to reinstate. Reinstatement requires that you submit 60 CEUs and pay the standard renewal fee of $135 for AIIM Professional Members or $150 for non-members. Once you reinstate, we'll update your CIP status to current and you'll be back on the 3-year renewal cycle (and the 60 CEU requirement). 

3. We try to be as flexible as possible in accepting CEUs. From my previous blog post, 

It's this simple: If it's an event that meets one of the topic areas on the CIP, it counts. It doesn't matter who provides or sponsors the event - it just has to be educational and align to one of the topic areas on the CIP. So all of these events would count for CIP CEUs:

  • Attending an AIIM Chapter meeting
  • Attending an ARMA Chapter meeting (or any other association meeting)
  • Speaking at the AIIM Conference, or the ARMA annual conference, or MER, or any other industry event
  • Attending a webinar
  • Attending a formal training course
  • Attending employee-sponsored training
  • Attending a college course, whether for credit or not - we award 3 CEUs per academic credit
  • Developing and/or delivering a presentation - 2 CEUs per finished hour for development, 1 CEU per finished hour for delivery
  • Publishing an article or book. A blog post might count if it's a pretty meaty post. A Tweet? Not so much. 1 credit per article or page. 
  • Attending vendor-sponsored or vendor-provided content, including product demos. Vendors have unique content to share that is incredibly valuable, even when it's very specific to their solution. 
  • Read industry publications. Credits are awarded at the rate of 1 CEU per every 10 pages of educational content (cover, index, ads, author bio etc. don't count). 
The short version of this is that if you've attended an event, done training, etc. and it was a) educational and b) relates to the CIP or information management, we'll accept it regardless of the source. 

If you're not sure of your status - or if you ARE sure you're lapsed and want to reinstate your CIP status, please reach out to me at You've already passed the exam and you know this stuff - why not leverage this ready way to demonstrate that knowledge and expertise? 



05-08-2020 12:12

Excellent Jesse, you have clarified my thought!

05-06-2020 16:24

Hi Sidra, 

Not sure I understand your question. For the CIP, we apply all credits the same, regardless of their source. So if you went to a full-day ARMA seminar, or AIIM event, or SharePoint Saturday, etc., they would all count for 1 CEU per hour of content. 

If I misunderstood your question, please clarify and I'll answer again. 



05-06-2020 15:43

Thanks for the clarification, very helpful. I was wondering how does other associations courses/meetings are weighed, the same credits are applied as would for their own certifications or less?