Using Machine Aided Indexing To Increase Accountability

By Jeffrey Lewis posted 07-23-2012 10:22


Growing up my family lived and breathed Penn State football.  We lived in South Bend, Indiana, Notre Dame country, but my dad was a PSU alumni so that was where our allegiances lived.  My kids even have a Penn State stuffed animal which you can squeeze and it plays the fight song and chants "We Are Penn State."  Needless to say, it breaks my heart what Jerry Sandusky did and how so many people were involved in covering the scandal up. 

Driving to work this morning I was thinking about how it was possible that no one could step forward or do anything for so many years and if information governance needs a deus ex machina framework. 

An enterprise content management system is only as smart as we make it with the indexing that is applied.  That indexing can be enhanced with software such as Machine Aided Indexing (MAI).  The MAI can be set to tag any documents that would present ethical or legal problems and a compliance review could take place with both internal staff members and other external eyes.

I have worked with content management for editorial systems with an academic publishing company, but never enterprise content management.  We used MAI to increase the findability of content after it was loaded into the repository, so it seems like the jump to using the same technology in an ECM setting should work as well.  If anyone has implemented this before I'd love to hear your thoughts.  Sorry if it is common industry practice that I am unaware of. 

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