Dealing with Digital Exhaust

By Jeff Shuey posted 07-03-2014 17:51


This is a fun and fanciful example of what happens to the stuff you excrete every day. I’m talking about data excretion. Everywhere you go you are leaving Digital Footprints. Your digital footprints can be used for good or for bad activities. There will invariably be a little bit of both going on at any give time in your life.

Which begs the question … Whose Data is it anyway?

Imagine …

  • Every Web Search
  • Every Phone Call
  • Every Transaction

Everything You Do

Is Tracked, Monitored, Sliced & Diced … for <insert purpose here>

  • For your health
  • For your prosperity
  • For your entertainment
  • For something else entirely

Your digital exhaust is everywhere and always on.

This is especially true if you never turn off your cell phone.

Guess what? It’s ALWAYS broadcasting.

Think About It

From the time you are born until LONG after you are gone

Your Digital Exhaust will be … out there.


Begging the Question -

Whose Data is it anyway?

This last point will be the topic of a few follow on posts. If you have thoughts on whether you own your data exhaust I’d like to hear about them. Post a comment here. I promise ... your response (your data) will be here FOREVER.

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