SharePoint in Three Words

By Jeff Shuey posted 03-10-2013 23:59


SharePoint is a Platform. SharePoint is an Application.

SharePoint can be boiled down into just three words.

The following three words came from Mark Rackley aka The SharePoint Hillbilly.

He spoke about these during his session at SharePoint TechCon:
Now I Get it … What SharePoint is and Why My Business Needs It

The session was very interactive and one of the highlights was a video Mark shot the day before asking attendees, speakers and the organizers to describe what SharePoint is to them. Take a look at the video below or click on this link. Be prepared to smile. If you see yourself in the video drop a comment below with your contact details.

The Three Words:





One of the things SharePoint can do quite easily and on a very broad scale basis isSurface Information from Disparate Repositories

Ultimately, the source of the information is not as important as the fact that SharePoint can be used to Surface this Information. This is where the Microsoft Business Critical SharePoint program is gaining traction.

What do you think?

  • Can SharePoint really be boiled down into three words?
  • What words do you use to describe SharePoint?
  • What kinds of Data do you Surface in SharePoint? or want to?

Add a comment here or contact me at any of the contact points below. I do want to hear your thoughts and perhaps collaborate on the SharePoint story.

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