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By Jeff Shuey posted 06-27-2011 18:25


As Paul Galvin’s BrightStarr post aptly identifies …

The World needs Shining Examples

Well, at least The SharePoint World does.

Take a look at Paul’s Post - Let Shining Examples Lead the Way to Increased SharPaul GalvinePoint Adoption

I pulled a few points out here to highlight Paul’s Shining Example Pattern

  • Reduce the risk of an anemic SharePoint portal
  • Turn the bad news rumor mill on its back
  • Zero in on one group's business need and invest the necessary time and resources to solve it well

Below is the comment I posted to the site (or at least tried to):

Great post. You have hit the nail on the head here. The biggest challenge SharePoint faces is NOT that it can or cannot handle a certain workload. Rather ... will the people that need to use it ... adopt ... nee embrace it to get their jobs done.

Sure, management can mandate tools. They do it all the time. But to really get people talking the tools that are put into play for "solutions" need to be Save Work tools. If the tool (or app or whatever you want to call it) is a Make Work tool ... everyone will quickly find the work-arounds and do the bare minimum with the Tool / App to get their jobs done.

However, as you so astutely pointed out, if you can help one group (or even one person) to become that Shining Example it can lead to a lot of good will and to a much wider level of adoption.

Sales of SharePoint is NOT the problem. Adoption is! We need more (many, many more) shining examples.


What Shining Examples of
adoption have you seen?

Share them here and if there are enough I’ll be happy (actually ecstatic) to create a list … ideally a running list of Shining Examples.

Let the Sharing Begin!

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