Good Discussions on Payables Automation Best Practices

By James R. Clawson posted 08-16-2012 13:51



At our user conference in July, we presented a few topics for discussion.  The goal was to let customers share their experiences on implementing electronic invoicing and payables automation.  It was a great discussion of the following topics:

  • Internal Change Management
  • Supplier Adoption
  • Dynamic Discounting and Card

The first discussion dealt with training and encouraging employees to use InvoiceWorks.  Most of the comments dealt with using executive management mandates, newsletters and mass emails, and training sessions.

My favorite takeaway was how one group called paper “out of compliance”.  So any department that was not using the new electronic invoice/payables automation system was out of compliance.  Obviously, nobody likes to be out of compliance, so employees and key players changed their behavior and started using InvoiceWorks to receive and approve invoices.

The second discussion dealt with encouraging participation from suppliers.  Aside from the various comments on how to get suppliers to send invoices electronically, it was good to see the success rates customers had.  Over 78% of customers were near or had exceeded their supplier adoption targets.  The other 22% walked away with some best practices to incorporate.

The third discussion point was more like two mini-case studies from Yum and Delta Air Lines.  Yum shared their stories of success with iPayables electronic invoicing and Dynamic Discounting and Delta Air Lines talked about their success using InvoiceWorks to pay electronic invoices with American Express.

The comments from the conference seemed so valuable that I compiled them into a white paper.  It’s only about four pages long, but it gives good insight into how these companies really made electronic invoicing and payables automation work for them.

Check out the white paper at our site:

Let me know if you found anything useful in the whitepaper.

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