Aberdeen Benchmarks for Payables Automation

By James R. Clawson posted 05-02-2012 16:43


As a follow up to my previous post, Aberdeen just released a study titled, “AP Invoice Management in a Networked Economy”.  It’s a great study to use as a benchmark in your organization and should give you an idea if your accounts payable automation is truly automation.

Scott Pezza and William Jan, the authors, describe Best-In-Class performance with three metrics:

  • 4.1 days to process an invoice from receipt to approval
  • $3.34 average cost to process an invoice from receipt to approval
  • 90% capture rate for available early-payment discounts

They attribute automation as one of the key factors in all three metrics.  Metrics for iPayables customers look a little better than these, but if you’re in the general area of these numbers you’re doing pretty good.  Check out the paper at 

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