E-invoicing Improves the Environment & your Equity

By James R. Clawson posted 11-17-2011 13:57


As corporations struggle to improve their financials and increase their ROI’s it would benefit them to take a hard look at what a company can  do to  improve the environment.  Take these facts for example, based on each invoice it takes one average tree to produce 2778 invoices.  With this information it is easily discernible that over a million trees could be saved if most of these invoices were transmitted electronically.

With these savings over 83,000 barrels of oil and over 171 million kilowatts of electricity needed to produce the paper,  would avoid 2.5 pounds of air pollutants and keep 138,000 yards of paper from eventually landing in the landfills.

A few months ago Earth Day came and left us with several promises being made by corporations to help improve the environment.  Recently I researched some of these promises and found out the following information.  WalMart has signed a 500 million dollar agreement that would “reduce greenhouse gas emissions,  build more energy efficient stores and reduce packaging waste.”

Microsoft has also has become more environmentally efficient.  They are installing solar power energy cells that would produce enough power for 500 homes.

Several companies have not only seen the value of becoming environmentally efficient but also the value of e-invoicing and how it can improve their financials. Many of the corporations that do electronic invoicing have commented on how easily the change can take place.  A lot of them have said that the workflow has gone from sometimes waiting days to retrieve records that were archived off site, to accessing the same files in two or three seconds — saving time, creating efficiency and improving customer service.  An initial outlay of several thousands of dollars is well worth it. For every dollar that they spend, they save a dollar plus another 85  cents.

In a recent interview with one of those companies a CEO , talking about  reducing  paper in their office said, “I wouldn’t call it the paperless office — that’s not going to happen for a while, but the less-paper office is here to stay.”

Stay tuned to future posts and updates concerning the  less-paper office and the environment. 

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