Standards and Measurements

By Helen Streck posted 11-19-2010 16:54


What was your overriding find from the ARMA Conference?  Mine was that the information professional and vendor are both looking for a mechanism to measure the maturity and success of Records and Information Management (RIM) Programs.  People, and companies, want to know that they are measuring up; they are being successful.

Who doesn't want to be able to show off their success award or the Certificate of Success?  We all do, but RIM professionals are still looking for the golden key of how to measure success.  Much fanfare, and rightly so, at this 2010 ARMA Conference surrounded the Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principals (GARP).  These principals are a culmination of what RIM practioners and consultants have applied and seen work successfully - dare I say best practices?  Yes, I dare!

I was recently asked by an attorney if there were RIM best practices, because other consultants told him there were none.  I disagreed.  I have been practicing RIM for over 22 years and I can say that these GARP Principles are proven principals built from best practices across varying industries.  And the team in ARMA built a maturity model in which a company can measure its success or maturity.  We can now measure.  I think ARMA and its leadership have been listening to the RIM professionals.  This year at the conference they wer able to deomonstrate what they have been working on to help.

In addition, sessions were offered that spoke about the GARP principals as a standard and how companies can audit their RIM Programs to find out just where they stand.

Where does your company stand?

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