Tweetjam 2010

By Hanns Kohler-Kruner posted 06-10-2010 15:46


I have just come back from the Tweet Jam today, organized by AIIM and Bryant Duhon. First of all, if you missed it, then you really did miss something. You can find out more details here

Although I am sure a more complete and more thought through description will follow on these pages there are a few things that immediately come to mind.

All of the panellist agreed that Enterprise 2.0 is not about technology. As a matter of fact, only 2 people admitted to being 'techies'. It is about people, business, culture and lots of other things as well...

But before we started, the first thing was getting all the tools set up correctly. The usual and casual twitter clients are not really up to this fast-paced interaction. Specialist tools and various back-up strategies were needed. But then the action heated up very quickly. more than 1000 tweets in less than 2 hours, or a tweet almost every 6 seconds lead to some really great exchanges.

These are my personal favourites and they are neither complete nor the only ones.  If you were there and your favourites are not there, I apologize already.

@MarkFidelman E2.0 is about Technology shaping culture via new means of communication - Culture then shapes the use of the technology

@CherylMcKinnon #e2j 1. Simple explanation of E20? bringing the human voice back into the work world - technology opens new doors to new voices & ideas

@lehawes Q1: E2.0 is using Web 2.0 tools to foster and support transparent collaboration inside an enterprise. Collaborative culture is a must! #e2j

@oscarberg 1: technology supporting an emerging culture of collaboration #e2j

@jmancini77 1. #E20 = applying social tools and norms to the enterprise - #e2j

@CherylMcKinnon #e2j Q1 - Leadership comment was key - if reward system not set up to encourage more open communication/collab then it is wishful thinking

and that was just on the first question, explaining Enterprise 2.0 in 140 characters or less!

After that there were 9 more questions that lead to some great discussion. The value for all participants, both vocal as well as consumers were the views of a large number of some of the best theoreticians and practitioners on Enterprise 2.0. Each one of the ideas and comments expressed deserve more discussion and information and I would not be surprised if some of the thoughts start appearing in various blogpost over the next few days. For a complete overview of the whole twitter stream just follow this link.

Thank you once more everyone for this highly action-packed and intensive experience. to speak with the words of my friend @jessewilkins This has been the most exhausting (and rewarding) two hours I can remember in a while. I wanna do it again! #e2j

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