Meet the AIIM Team- Bryant Duhon

By Felicia Dillard posted 08-19-2014 16:31


Behind the AIIM logo is a group of passionate and dedicated professionals focused on serving our wonderful community of information professionals.

Together, we are AIIM!

This week we meet Bryant Duhon, Inbound Marketing Strategist and Editor. Bryant has been with AIIM since March 1995. Yes folks, that’s19 years! The first 2 and a half years he was an editorial intern for inform – anyone remember that magazine? After grad school he was offered an assistant editor position.  Now here’s a funny story, he says,” I started my permanent position in late February 1995. True story, when cleaning out filing cabinets a few years later, I found my resume in the “No way” folder for the original intern position.”  Well Bryant, we are glad someone knew better.

Bryant is from Carlyss…Sulphur….Lake Charles, Louisiana.  He says he had to go through some of the smaller cities first. It's sort of like living in Orleans, Manassas, Ok, Washington, D.C.; If you live in this area you totally get it.

Bryant now lives in Ellicott City, Maryland. He happily shares his life with his wife, the lovely and talented Georgina Clelland; his two beautiful daughters, Lauren and Casey; and their needy furpack – Oscar D. Duhon, the best Boxer ever; Chicory, the cat who might be part dog; Louie, who wants to be an outside kitty except when he doesn’t; and Sasha Marmalade, the new kitten, who loves sleeping on faces at 5 a.m. We can’t wait to see these pictures. Let’s meet Bryant.

Bryant Duhon

Inbound Marketing Strategist and Editor

Twitter: Find "me" at @bduhon. Offical "AIIM me" at @AIIMcmty


What do you do and what do love about it?

Despite going to the “Dark Side” of marketing 18 months ago, I essentially continue to do what I’ve done since I began as an editorial intern: find, curate, create, and present content that educates our audience and helps them advance in their career. I dig the creative process of conceptualizing a piece of content and working through to the finished product.

Describe yourself using 3 words only.

Effective Constructive Procrastinator.

What are you proudest of?

My two daughters, Lauren and Casey, who (sometimes despite me) are growing into wonderful young ladies.

A distant professional second is a comment I received once from a magazine reader who said they used one of the inform articles to argue the case to his boss (he put the article on his boss’ desk and said “We need to do this!”). That kicked the project off and it was successful and helped the business. I’ve also had a few folks tell me they re-engaged with AIIM because of me – and that feels awesome. [OK, taking a pin to prick my swelled head now.]

What movie, no matter how many times you’ve seen it, do you have to watch when it’s on?

Sadly, there are quite a few: Bull Durham, Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the original, NOT the Burton/Depp abomination), Pulp Fiction, The Princess Bride, and, Lord help me, The Cutting Edge. Recently, I can’t seem to stop watching Pacific Rim or Love Actually. "Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. Prepare to die." 

Summer or Winter?

Summer. In my mind, Hell is cold

Favorite color?


What do you do for fun?

I enjoy a good beer (find me on the beer app, Untappd) and cooking a good meal (often with a beer). I read a lot – fantasy and history mostly. During football season (Saints. WhoDat!), I spend way too much time watching the NFL and playing fantasy football (2013 TTTT Champion!). I love taking advantage of living in the Baltimore/DC area with day trips to the National Zoo, the Smithsonian Museums, Inner Harbor, PA Dutch Country, different hiking trails, tubing (snow and river), walking Civil War battlefields (the wife and girls are banned from those last excursions so that I never have to hear again, "You're going to read ANOTHER sign [loud sigh]") . . . there’s so much to do here. Most of all, I enjoy relaxing on my deck with George.


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