Visualizing the Medical Practice of 2015

By Derek Singleton posted 03-25-2011 17:40



It’s no secret: physicians are reluctant to adopt electronic health records (EHRs) for a host of reasons. But as the financial incentives for EHR adoption begin to take effect – and the threat of financial penalties for not adopting them looms as 2015 approaches – it’s clear that doctors have little choice.
But rather than suffering through the transition, a less-painful and more-beneficial option is to visualize the various rewards and efficiencies that the fully automated medical practice of 2015 will offer.
Some benefits will come directly from EHRs – also known as electronic medical records (EMRs) – such as quicker billing and improved compliance with evidence-based medicine. But others will be EHR byproducts, as software with new functions hook into EHR data, or as health information exchanges expand in conjunction with EHR momentum.
Jeanette Borzo over at Software Advice offers her insights into what these benefits might be. If you'd like to see what her visualization of the medical practice in 2015 looks like, check out her full article on the Software Advice blog by clicking here.

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That would be of great help in rendering care.