7 Proven Web Page Content Writing Tips and Techniques To Increase Traffic

By Deepak Chauhan posted 10-27-2014 02:03



If you wish to take your business online, then you will have know the right tactics when it comes to creating online content. The saying “content is king” may sound more like a cliché, but it is still very important as before when it was first introduced to assist in the development of great content.

Regardless of whether it is for a blog or a business website, content that is of high quality is base factor in keeping your visitors engaged in your website, maintaining a continuous user-base and having your visitors perform tasks, such as buying, sharing, and being part of any other action needed.

So, what web page content writing tips will give you results?

Do a Research Related to Your Field

Be familiar with popular websites and personal blogs that post important information related to your niche. Learn the tactics, the latest news and the new setbacks. Having this kind of information at your fingertips, will assist you to come up with great content.

Doing more research will make you have the urge to be curious, and come up with ideas for certain niches that can be suitable for your website. It will assist you to discover your own strengths as a writer and build an expertise relevant to your themes.

Know Your Target Market

If your target audience comprises of teenagers, it would be ideal to connect to them at an eye level, by creating fun and interesting terms and include a lot of slang. Also, if you wish to attract the attention of prospective real estate buyers, it is to use a tone that is honest, professional and reliable. Knowing what your audience is interested in is important in getting the appropriate effect. Do not patronize, do not sound too complicated and try to sound too funny if that is not what your target audience wants.

Call to Action

You could be having content that is interesting and still not give your effective results that you were expecting, reason being it was not attractive enough for your readers to take action. You need to create content in a manner that will keep your reader engaged and perform tasks, such as buying your products or service, turn up on your events and like your page on Facebook.

One thing you should avoid doing is use of the passive voice. Avoid certain phrases like “Your life is better because of our products, instead it should be “Our products make your lives better. Or better yet, aim to action by adding an imperative “Make your life better with our product”.

Be Direct to the Point

If you write content online, it is crucial to know how to write concisely and on clearly. You can begin by writing a 500 word article that talks more about your products and services. Rewrite that article, but this time with 300 words without affecting its quality. If you feel you are good enough, try writing 200 words.

You will be surprised at how fast you can change to writing brief articles that still remain informative, professional and interesting.

Key Phrases and Derivatives

You could be having a number of key phrases, do be afraid to try derivatives of key phrases. If your key phrase is a dog, for example, you may need to use dog food, puppy, and dog training and so on. Search engines are on the look for relevant content to deliver to users and key phrases and their derivatives, give web crawlers all the information needed to deliver your site direct to your audience.

Insert Links

Have links within your content such that your visitors can navigate easily. Have links between pages within the site. Link to other related websites so that the user can be engaged and get an idea of what you have to offer.

Seek Help from a 3rd Party

You may be a champion when it comes to spelling bees in a row, but a third party going through your articles is definitely a good idea. Nowadays, people depend a lot on digital spell checkers to help them out, but this will not cut if your aim is to become a professional writer.

It is not only about spelling and typing errors. A third party will be in a position to make certain observations, which you as the writer may not be able to see, it is a chance receive feedback and exchange ideas. Do not be afraid to ask. Two heads are better than one.


If you put this web page content writing tips into practice, you will see a great improvement in traffic to your site. Content writing can be one of the most online marketing promotion strategies available for you. It is not only free but is definitively effective if done in the right way. Also do not forget to create 100% original SEO content so as to attract more visitors who will in the end translate to sales.


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