Safe as (SharePoint) Houses??

By David Jones posted 08-14-2012 10:02


Remember the story about the three little pigs??

The first little piggy built his house from straw, then the wolf trots up, blows the house down and then eats the pig (sorry - was that the Tarantino version?!?). The second pig builds a house of sticks - same result.

The third pig however, is a clever little chap. He takes a look at the inadequacies of the first two houses and builds a house made out of bricks. Pig 1 - 0 Wolf.

So - now that I've taken you all back to your childhood what has all of this got to do with SharePoint??

Well, I'm going to liken the security of your documents and content to the pigs' houses!

The first house compares to an organization that doesn't use SharePoint. Anyone can come along, walk up to the fileshare and get access to the documents.

The second house compares to out-of-the-box SharePoint. What I hear you scream!! Surely SharePoint is house three - the most secure and robust house of them all. Not according to recent AIIM research.

The "SharePoint Security - A Survey on Compliance and Recommendations to Achieve True Security" whitepaper provides some very interesting points regarding how organizations use SharePoint for secure data storage and how secure your data actually is.

The report shows that 82% of organizations are using SharePoint to store or access secure content with financial and HR information the most widely stored. However, only 38% feel that it fully satisfies their information security needs!

So what are they doing about it?

Over half are using encryption on content but in general only the simplest vanilla security mechanisms (roles and folder security) are being used.

It also turns out that a large number are turning to 3rd party SharePoint add-ins to plug the gaps, with 31% looking to deploy automated agents in the future to secure their data. 38% are planning to used enhanced workflow to enforce secure practices.

And remember, security of data within SharePoint is not just about stopping users getting access to the wrong information: its about encrypting content to ensuring security is maintained when documents have been checked out, locating non-classified documents, identifying viruses in content and much more.

So to learn about how you can turn your SharePoint deployment into piggy number 3's house - download the report for free at .

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