This summer, go uber mobile

By Daniel O'Leary posted 07-25-2012 17:42


If the only thing that stops you from working form home on a gorgeous July day is the fact that you can’t get to information if you aren’t at an office- then you need a mobile content management intervention.

I’m writing this while streaming a podcast to my iPhone, and writing this blog post on my Macbook Air while flying somewhere over Kansas. You too can be uber mobile this summer with these apps:

Laptop: Prepare to work anywhere

1. GoGo Wireless – wireless internet access while traveling 600 miles an hour? Yes please. Make sure your laptop is charged unless you are on a plane with plugs.

2. Offline sync tool – take your pick and sync the files you need for offline access. I grabbed 5 folders before this trip and it allowed me to keep working on the 1,000 or so files I anticipated needing during the trip.

3. Sparrow for email – since connectivity can be spotty, I picked up Sparrow for Mac to compose mail offline. It syncs with Facebook for contact management, and works just like gmail. Sadly Google just aquired it, but for now it's still my favorite.

iPad: Keep in touch

1. Chatter mobile – Chatter allows me to keep up with all the comments and social discussions even when I’m out of the office for an extended period of time.

2. Pages – Document authoring in pages is as good as working on the full app on the Mac. The formatting, fonts, and overall experience is top notch.

3. iAnnotate – If you need to store and annotate PDF documents, this is a great app. I was sent some meeting notes and used this app to mark them up with my comments and changes.

iPhone – Travel smart

1. Genius Scan – Ditch the paper receipts and scan them to PDF using your phone. You can export the completed documents to tools like Evernote for your personal records, or your cloud storage system.

2. Uber – I wish this was available in more places than DC, NYC, and San Francisco. You can have a town car pick you up in less than 5 minutes, and it uses your phone to get your location and pay the bill.

3. Tripit – Save and share your trip itineraries on your phone

So AIIM community, what apps are you digging this summer to help you be a mobile master?

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