West Coast to Western Edge

By DANIEL ANTION posted 03-27-2012 14:52


The AIIM Conference is over, and if you haven't heard, it was remarkable. Launched after being out of the conference business for 10 years, we all had high hopes, but I don't think anyone expected such an outstanding success from John Mancini and his amazing staff. However, as we all know, that was last week, now we have to think about what's next. I'm sure the AIIM International crew is working hard on all those initiatives they talked about, the June 7th best of the AIIM Conference replay and the AIIM Conference 2013 in New Orleans. I'm sure the trainers are back on the road, but what about AIIM members, what are we doing?

Well, I'm working with our chapter president to plan a new adventure of our own. The AIIM New England chapter is stretching out to the west, and holding an event in Connecticut. I've been a member of AIIM NE for over 10 years, and it has always meant driving to Boston, Newton or Waltham to attend an event. Not that it's a killer ride (although the 5 miles up 128 to Waltham from the MASS Pike can take its toll on a driver at 7:30 am), but it's a 200 mile round-trip. Not this time, not on May 3rd; on that date AIIM NE will be putting the apron around a table at ADNET Technologies’ friendly facility in Farmington, CT.  If you are an AIIM Professional member, you can attend this event for FREE. If you are a member of ARMA CT, you are also invited to attend the event for FREE. In fact, for this event, if you register in advance, you too can attend for FREE! I mention the AIIM and ARMA "deal" because we often discount our event registration fees for professional members of either association.

I spoke to several people at AIIM12 from western New England who seemed very happy to hear that our chapter is trying to better serve their region. If they attend the event, I'll even forgive those who suggested that CT is part of NY, not New England. The event is going to feature Steve Weissman, you know the guy in all those CIP training videos, a.k.a. AIIM NE Chapter president. Steve is going to talk about AIIM International, our your chapter, and the future of both including the new focus on Information Professionals and the new certification for Information Professionals. After Steve (re)introduces us to our your chapter and AIIM International, I am going to give a revised version of the presentation I gave at AIIM12 – “Expand, Unlearn and Ignore”. This presentation was well received at the conference, but you will also benefit from some of the feedback that I received from the people in the audience.

Steve and I and the other officers and members of the AIIM New England chapter hope to see content Information Professionals from CT, western MA and southern VT in the audience on May 3rd. You guys in Boston are welcome to make the drive too. In fact, if you come from Boston, your admission will be FREE. Please, join us to learn more about the remarkable resource that is AIIM.

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