Top Ten Reasons Why iPhone is Better than SharePoint

By Dan Elam posted 06-25-2010 08:55



Apple's recent release of their new iPhone breaks their own record to be the fastest adopted product in history, eclipsing a record once held by Microsoft with SharePoint.  Both products remain white hot, but for vastly different reasons.  Last week we gave the nod to SharePoint being better than the iPhone, so this week we give the Apple fans their due.  So without further delay and sincere apologies to David Letterman, I present:

Top Ten Reasons iPhone is Better Than SharePoint

10.  Apple commercials much better than Microsoft

9.  Average iPhone app only costs $1.49

8.  Bing is optional

7.  "SharePoint for Dummies" available on iTunes

6.  Two words:  Air Hockey

5.  SQL Server not required

4.  Makes a great birthday present. 

3.  Apple can actually beat Google

2.  iPhone deployment doesn't take the entire IT budget

...and the number one reason why iPhone is better than SharePoint:

1.  Doesn't pretend to do records management

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