Top Ten Reasons SharePoint is Better Than the iPhone

By Dan Elam posted 06-17-2010 11:47



Apple recently replaced Microsoft as the world's most valuable technology company. It is a remarkable run for Apple who once needed Microsoft support to stay in business. They have taken remarkably different approaches to their successes:  Microsoft dominates in business while Apple dominates with consumers. SharePoint has become the fastest growing product in IT history and already plays a dominant role in the ECRM industry.  With the exception of the X-Box, however, Microsoft's success in the consumer market is due to their business use.

Apple has been the opposite:  the iPhone has been the fastest growing product in history and almost entirely driven by consumers. IT shops are increasingly supporting the iPhone only because the installed base is too large to ignore. Only recently has Apple reluctantly added some tools to help IT.

Many in the ECRM community are now developing strategies to deal with both SharePoint and the iPhone/iPad. So with apologies to David Letterman, I present the Top Ten Reasons Why SharePoint is Better Than the iPhone.

10.  Folder support.

9. Next version not due until 2015. 

8.  Better support for Microsoft Office. 

7.  Microsoft looks like 'open source' when compared to Apple.

6.  Even less porn than the iPhone!

5.  Steve Ballmer more cuddly than Steve Jobs. 

4.  No dropped calls. 

3.  AT&T contract not required. 

2.  Fewer bloggers. 

And the number one reason why SharePoint is better than the iPhone?

1. AIIM Training!

What?  Google is upset not to be mentioned with their rivals?!  (Seriously:  is there anyone that Google doesn't want to compete against? At this point I wouldn't be surprised if the took on March of Dimes).

Next week we will talk about why the iPhone is better than SharePoint. In the meantime, feel free to add you own reasons below. 

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