Policy and Procedure Acknowledgement- The Commitment

By Courtney Rothe posted 09-12-2013 12:05


[Preface: Policy and Procedure Management-A lot Like Dating & “Policy Distribution- Ready to Meet the Parents?”]


The Ultimate Commitment

Once you’ve created, reviewed and distributed company policies and procedures you have reached the last phase of the policy life cycle.  In the dating world, this is equivalent to the “final step,” or the “ultimate commitment.” After establishing your relationship and meeting the parents, the final and most important step emerges. Unfortunately not every relationship is destined for marriage and not every policy draft will make it through to distribution and acknowledgement. Just as the first two steps of dating help pave way for marriage, this life cycle prepares the well-designed and compatible polices for the ultimate commitment; policy acknowledgement.

As an individual phase, Policy acknowledgement holds a lot of power; it establishes the final level of commitment in your “relationship” to compliance. This step in a relationship can “make or break” its future entirely.

The “Ole Ball & Chain” Method

If you’re ready to progress to the next stage in your relationship, the method in which you do so becomes increasingly important. Once the desire to take the “final plunge” is in place, evaluating appropriate methods takes center stage. After all, you wouldn’t propose to your girlfriend over a ham sandwich or through a text message now would you?

When properly introduced to policies and procedures employees not only have the ability to ensure the future of the company but the power to distinguish its competitive advantage as well. Employees that adopt a proactive approach to learning and implementing policies and procedures can improve overall company performance. Knowing the appropriate actions to take in any given scenario reduces the number of non-procedural risks and can even lead to better customer service.

This makes selecting the best policy management method more important than ever. How you introduce company policies and procedures can make all the difference. Utilizing policy and procedure software that provides features such as custom quizzes ensures that your employees not only reviewed the policy but were actively engaged with the content as well.

Happily Ever After

Implementing a new policy management method that offers online access to training could drastically impact its effectiveness.  Everyone thrives in different learning environments and progresses at their own pace. Applying a “one size fits all” traditional training method to every employee cannot guarantee the maximum level of absorption and acknowledgement. Online-based training portals provide employees with convenient access and flexibility thus increasing the likelihood of a more proactive approach to implementation. An adaptable training method increases employee engagement and expedites the learning process all together.

Ensure that your company and compliance live happily ever after by evaluating the most efficient training methods for your specific needs. Don’t be afraid to explore the best options when it comes to taking the next step-your future could depend on it.

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