The Digital Company – How to move from analog to digital processes?

By Constanze Daamen posted 06-07-2012 10:43


The Digital Company – How to move from analog to digital processes with UDOCX?

If you “google” for the digital company you will come across different articles and definitions. “Going digital” can be understood as communicating digitally i.e. by using social media such as Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook but “going digital” can be understood differently.

Companies “going digital” is more than just using digital communication technologies (msn, ocs, facebook); it includes digitizing work processes and information processing such as document distribution, archiving and sharing and collaboration. In the last decade, researchers at MIT and Gartner have defined 7 pillars that characterize highly productive companies and organizations by turning them into ‘digital organizations’. Their basic conclusion is that companies “going digital” means companies becoming more productive.

Introduction to the first pillar: “Move from analog to digital processes”

Transform analog business processes into digital processes.

How do organizations do that?

  • Standardize your IT infrastructure companywide (databases, software, ERP systems, document management systems like SharePoint, CRMs like Microsoft Dynamics, desktops …)
  • Get your paper documents digitized in a structured way so that you can easily incorporate them into digital workflows.

Standardizing your IT infrastructure is nothing we can help you with but when it comes to getting your documents digitized we certainly can – you don not even have to standardize your fleet of multifunctional printers, scanners or copiers.

What do you need?

  • SharePoint
  • Multifunctional devices (Ricoh, Xerox, Sharp, …)

UDOCX is a (cloud based) document capturing and processing solution that integrates multifunctionals (printers, scanners or copiers) seamlessly with Microsoft SharePoint (Online or On-Premise) to help organizations worldwide to digitize all of their documents in a structured and secure way. Documents that are captured with UDOCX are enriched with keywords, meta-tagging and OCR, ready for storage or archiving in PDF/A or for further workflow processing or data retrieval/mining.

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