Book of PHIGs is Dead

By Chris Walker posted 12-02-2013 13:52


Some of you may be shocked, but I’ve decided to kill the Book of PHIGs. “Why?” you may ask. Even if you don’t, I’ll answer.

My plan was to make the book available electronically via iTunes, Kobo, and Amazon. Have you seen the administrative, contractual, and tax crap that that plan entails? Holy sh*t!!! Now, I’d put up with all that nonsense if I thought that I could make a living selling a book about Information Management; but I doubt it. I mean, how long can one live on dozens of dollars? This doesn’t mean that I have given up on the PHIGs or on making them available to whomever is interested. No; it means that I am changing my approach.

I’m going to take a whitepaper approach to making the PHIGs available. Whether it’s one long whitepaper or a series of per-PHIG whitepapers remains to be seen. I’ll try, as much as possible, to draw on experiences from past and current projects as I write. I won’t be charging anything or asking folks to register for anything in order to download the PHIGs. When something’s ready I’ll announce it on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc., and provide a link. Pretty simple, but I like it that way.

To be honest, I never planned or wanted to make a living from writing the book; my intent all along has been to make a living from leveraging the book into consulting, training, and speaking engagements. For those organisations and people that don’t want / need any of my services, I still wanted to make the PHIGs available because I believe they’re important and that they contain stuff that any organization can use.

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