With A Twist

By Chris Walker posted 04-11-2012 13:36



Bryant Duhon, our indefatigable community manager, has been doing a “Member of the Week” feature on this site for the last while. I thought it would be fun to turn the tables and feature Bryant. Laurence Hart (AIIM CIO, blogger extraordinaire, and Twitteratti) helped convince Bryant to take part.

In order to really switch things up, Bryant will answer questions posed by the community. Anyone that has questions for Bryant can DM me on Twitter at chris_p_walker or email me at walkerchrisp@gmail.com. I’ll compile the questions, have Bryant answer them, and post the results to this site.

I think 10-15 questions is about right. So, as soon as I’ve collected the questions we’ll get this thing started.

By the way, I will identify submitters of questions. No anonymity allowed.

#Bryant #Duhon