Meet Chris – Document Imaging Guy

By Chris Riley, ECMp, IOAp posted 08-02-2010 12:00


No, document imaging is not the sexiest topic, but I have to own my involvement in it.  I did not expect that I would be one of the leading experts in document imaging and recognition technologies, but it was a natural evolution that followed a career path, and now I am here.

My induction in the ECM space was with one of the four core OCR technology providers.  There I played an interesting role of both technical sales, and deepest technical support.  As a result I had a unique opportunity to get the bits and bytes of the technology, but also start to understand how it’s used.  Later I discovered that very few of the vendors really know how the technology is used beyond an object document type level.

Prior to my current position, I was with a document scanner vendor, a document imaging integrator turned product company, and finally for several years my own consulting practice.  This path enhanced my technical knowledge of all the core engines and nearly all the products that use them, as well as work directly with customers in their use cases.  With that foundation behind me I was able to start a consulting firm that focused on helping end users use advanced document imaging technologies and vendors better educate and promote to them.

Currently I’ve landed at another consulting firm, and thrilled to be doing what I do well, but now with a backend that is growing like wild fire.  I still practice a best-of-breed approach to choosing document imaging hardware and software, as well as help companies with the planning, governance, and best practices around these technologies.

I’ve gotten a certification from AIIM for both the ECM and Information Organization and Access training programs.  I’ve also received from AIIM a Distinguished Services award for my contributions to the space. I’ve written feature articles (including a regular online column for Infonomics for nearly two years) and am a frequent speaker at industry events. I have Degrees in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Business Administration.  And I have experience in the roles of Sr. Architect, Product Manager, Developer, and Sales Engineer.

Companies want to look at scanning as the smallest and simplest piece in content ingestion, unfortunately, it’s not that way.  The success rate of advanced document imaging is low, not because of technology, but because very poor market education, and planning.

I’m excited to be a part of this community that will be bettering the market education, making vendors more aware of business use cases, and overall expanding the adoption of advanced recognition technology that can benefit ANY organization.  My posts will be both of a deep technical, and business strategic nature, to appeal to a diverse crowd.  Thank you for joining me and happy reading.

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